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Google My Business SEO To Maximize A Business’s Local Visibility

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The way people locate and look for brick-and-mortar companies has undergone a significant transformation over time. Nowadays, it is mostly digital. 97% of people, according to the SEO Tribunal, use the internet to research local businesses. Additionally, local information is sought after in 46% of all Google queries. As a result, having a Google My Business account and being found locally have become essential for businesses.

What is Google My Business (Or Google Business Profile)?

GBP is a free tool that enables companies to go online and improves their visibility on Google Maps and Google Search. It functions as a virtual storefront or service area that may be customized with images, deals, posts, hours of operation, and other information. Additionally, businesses can include their website link, address, and contact details.

GBP enables businesses to control the impression they can make on potential clients, as Google so eloquently states. If done properly, it may be a vital tool for ensuring that customers find your local business when they look for similar goods or services.

It’s crucial to remember that companies can open GBP accounts without having a physical presence or address. even in the service sector businesses, like plumbing or marketing services providers, can create an account. Furthermore, hybrid businesses with a physical storefront and an option for online services can create an account and showcase their offerings using the attributes of Google My Business.


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Here’s what a GBP listing looks like –

Google my Business

The listing seems excellent! When potential clients look for relevant goods and services or even the brand name, how can businesses make sure it is found or shows up in search results? What sort of search terms do people enter, and on what platform?

Let’s first take a look at the criteria Google uses to determine whether to display a company listing.

Factors Considered by Google to Show Business Listings

According to Google, three factors are the most important: relevance, distance, and prominence.

  1. Relevance : A business’s appearance in local search results is influenced by how well its information matches what users are searching for. Adding complete and detailed business information improves relevancy.
  2. Distance : Google considers the proximity of a business’s location to the user’s search location. If users don’t specify a location, Google calculates distance based on available user data.
  3. Prominence : Prominence reflects a business’s popularity and offline reputation. Factors like online reviews, ratings, links, and so on contribute to a business’s prominence in local search results.

Rankings are based on a variety of factors. Google doesn’t use any systems that allow companies to buy better ranks or make similar requests. Google’s ranking algorithm seeks to maintain equity for all companies. However, some SEO techniques can undoubtedly raise rankings.

GMB or GBP SEO Practices

Here are a few GMB SEO best practices to improve relevance, distance, and prominence.


SEO Practices for Relevance

Business owners should make sure that all the information provided, such as the company name, address, phone number, website address, operation hours, etc., is correct and consistent with the identity of the company. For instance, a restaurant is required to give the precise address, the open and closed times, the reservation numbers, etc.

The visibility of the GMB listing in local search results is improved by include pertinent keywords in the listing. The business description and postings are excellent areas to naturally incorporate these keywords. The crucial word here is relevance. For instance, a bakery can draw customers looking for these products by including relevant keywords like “artisanal pastries,” “freshly baked bread,” and “custom cakes” in its business description.

The category helps Google understand the business’s nature and match it with the relevant user searches. It’s crucial to select the category that best describes the primary products or services offered by the business. For instance, a pet store called “Paws & Claws” should select categories like “Pet Store,” “Pet Supplies,” and “Pet Food Supplier” to accurately reflect their core offerings.

Attributes showcase unique features and services that differentiate a business from others. Whether it’s being women-owned or offering specific amenities, highlighting such attributes can attract customers with specific preferences. For example, an eco-friendly cafe, “Green Bites,” can use GMB attributes to highlight features like “Eco-friendly Practices,” “Organic Ingredients,” and “Recyclable Packaging” to attract environmentally conscious customers.


SEO Practices for Distance

Creating location-specific content on the business website is an effective way to improve relevance to local searches. Mentioning the city or neighborhood names in the content, blog posts, and meta tags helps send signals to search engines that the business caters to a specific area.

The location of the firm is supported by consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across numerous internet directories and platforms. Users and search engines begin to trust you more as a result of your constancy.

Embedding Google Maps on the business website allows users to easily find the exact location of the business. It provides a convenient way for potential customers to get directions, enhancing the overall user experience.

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It is recommended for companies with many locations to make individual location pages with distinctive content for each one. Each page should have detailed information on the location’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and services it offers.

In order to properly target local queries, location-specific keywords must be incorporated into the website’s content and GMB listing. Use keywords that are relevant to the region that the company services to raise your position in local search results.

SEO Practices for Prominence

1. Positive Reviews and Ratings :

Reviews and ratings affect the GMB listing rankings as well as customer perception and click-through rate. Businesses should nudge regular consumers to post favourable evaluations online, via email, or through WhatsApp marketing.

Authenticity is important, especially when it comes to reviews. Customers are smart, and they can easily spot reviews that have been manipulated. Make sure the testimonials are from actual clients. Respond to both favourable and unfavourable reviews. More crucial, accept the bad criticism and respond quickly to resolve client complaints.


2. High-Quality Photos and Videos :

High-quality pictures make a good first impression on potential clients by showcasing the company and its goods or services. More significantly, compelling films and eye-catching photographs humanise the brand and increase user attraction. For instance, a fashion boutique can publish expert images of its most recent ranges of clothing and make movies demonstrating current trends in clothing and accessories.

3. Google Posts :

In order to keep the audience interested and up to date on the company’s most recent offers, changes, promotions, and events should be often posted on the GMB listing. Businesses can share urgent information with customers directly using Google Posts. For instance, a gym can utilize Google Posts to inform its members about forthcoming fitness courses, exclusive discounts, or health advice.



4. Backlinks and Citations :

Earning quality backlinks and citations from reputable websites enhances the business’s online authority and prominence. These external references signal to search engines that the business is reliable and relevant.

Remember that GMB SEO practices can vary based on the business type and target audience. Consistently monitoring the GMB listing’s performance through Google My Business Insights and adapting strategies based on data analysis will help refine the approach and improve local search visibility over time.

Measuring and Tracking GMB SEO Success

Understanding Performance Metrics :

Monitor the performance of how the GMB listing performs using Google Analytics. Analyze metrics such as the number of calls, direction requests, discovery searchers, etc., to gain insights into how users are finding and interacting with the listing.

Tools for Monitoring Local Rankings and Traffic :

In addition to Google Business Profile Dashboard, there are various SEO tools, like Semrush, Ahrefs, and UberSuggest, available to track local rankings and organic traffic. Regular monitoring helps gauge the effectiveness of Google My Business SEO efforts and make data-driven optimizations.

In conclusion, GMP or GBP SEO is a vital aspect of any local marketing strategy. With the right approach, businesses can enhance their visibility, attract more customers, and outshine their competitors in the local market. 

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your GMP profile and integrate a Local SEO strategy, connect with us for Local SEO Services.

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